Informing and supporting Macedon Ranges residents who object to mining in our shire and surrounds.

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No Mining Macedon Ranges

Landowners and residents of Macedon Ranges against mining our land.

Who are Syndicate Minerals Pty Ltd?

Local residents are doing some research and calls to find out who they are, who owns them, who are the investors, from where do they come?

Up until 10th August the Syndicate Minerals website contained little information except information directly relating to the numerous exploration applications it has submitted.

As of the 10th August, they are uploading information to give some impressions of who they are and how they operate. Each page expresses they are an “exploration company based in Melbourne” and followed paragraphs of soothing text reassuring everyone they are considerate and caring operation who do no harm, against nobodies will, and would love to meet us the community… as soon as the COVID-19 business ends.

Forgive this cynicism, but Syndicate Minerals missed the opportunity to meet or communicate the community prior to quietly submitting their applications, or during the objection period; and for a company that has only been registered since August 2019 an does as yet even have a logo, it’s not clear where this caring responsible history has been previously demonstrated.

See Syndicate Minerals website.

Syndicate Minerals Pty Ltd are using as another company as agents, Hetherington Exploration & Mining Title Services Pty Ltd for “assistance in all aspects of tenement management, as well as resources, planning and environmental approvals and compliance.”

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