Informing and supporting Macedon Ranges residents who object to mining in our shire and surrounds.

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No Mining Macedon Ranges

Landowners and residents of Macedon Ranges against mining our land.

Flurry of conversation on day 1 of Lancefield Project advertisement.

Yesterday saw the advertisement by the miners who’ve applied to explore large sections of the Macedon Ranges for gold and other resources, with the aim of establishing significant mining activities.

And various Facebook feeds went wild. Especially at Tom Gleeson’s Facebook page. Mostly angry responses from locals and others who value the Macedon Ranges for its natural and agricultural environment.

One thing of note on Tom’s and other local Facebook pages, there is lots of misinformation being peddled by either trolls, mining supporters, invested advocates, and/or the genuinely ill-informed. Mostly about how the mining activities will bring jobs and personal economic riches; simultaneously causing minimal disruption and leaving no long term impact. History and current events tell us this is highly unlikely. This sort of misinformation and community division is typical at this stage, whether caused by the miners, or self-inflicted. So watch out, do your own research, and politely discuss misinformation where and whenever you see it.

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