Informing and supporting Macedon Ranges residents who object to mining in our shire and surrounds.

Help us by registering your interest, relevant details, or ability to help with the cause.

No Mining Macedon Ranges

Landowners and residents of Macedon Ranges against mining our land.

Mining threats and impacts

With the assumption these miners will uphold the usual poor standards of mining exploration and mining responsibility, and operate in accordance to the inadequate laws and regulations of the state. Here are the potential impacts:

What is under threat by mining exploration and mining in Macedon ranges:

  • Your livelihood
  • Your land.
  • Your enjoyment of your own property.
  • Your piece of mind.
  • Our waterways and catchment areas.
  • Our State forests.
  • Our Wildlife and fauna.
  • Risk of landscape damage.
  • Risk to personal health and safety.
  • Risk to tourism and boutique producers, vineyards, scenic tourism, hospitality, etc.
  • Increased traffic, noise and pollution.
  • Long term environmental damage.
  • Long term mess left by exploration and mining.
  • Inadequate restoration of damage. Potentially irreparable damage or pollution.
  • Inadequate compensation for landholders or the shire.
  • Increased costs to the community to resolve mining impacts and incidents.
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