Informing and supporting Macedon Ranges residents who object to mining in our shire and surrounds.

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No Mining Macedon Ranges

Landowners and residents of Macedon Ranges against mining our land.

Why “No Mining” instead of “Limited Mining” or “OK Mining” in the Macedon Ranges.

Although we should expect miners to be responsible operators, and the government to be responsible administrators of mining industry, history and current events make it clear this is not so.

Miners seem to be largely irresponsible and not at all community minded. Governments are direct beneficiaries of the mining process and have the position of administering and approving mining operations. Miners are rarely held to account for any wrong doing, and government enable this.

Until there proper accountability by miners and government, and a track history of responsibility and enforced accountability, the position is “No Mining”. A response they have indeed earned. If ever miners and government eventually earn a reputation of doing what is right and fair to all stakeholders, then they might be worthy of community support. But not until then.

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